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A La Carte

For those specialized services that need the attention of a specialist team member, be sure to book at least a week ahead.

Express Service

We offer the Express Service, a much asked for service, that is the delight of the " parent" that does not even consider putting their "children" in cages. For a fee of $30, one is able to book a time when the visit by their pet to the salon is done in the minimum possible time in order to reduce the stress experienced by some sensitive pets. So most jobs that are done usually in three (for small clients) or four hours have about one hour shaved off the total. This service is only available for pets that are in perfect shape. If dematting is needed to accomplish the final look, the charges will still be justified even if it takes longer.

Baths / Clean Ups

This is our general maintenance for many dogs. It includes a full bath, nail trimming, cleaning of anal glands and ears. It also includes a trimming of the privates and the face for dogs with longer hair. The starting price is $60 for small breeds and $75 for medium and larger breeds.

Hair and Nails

The full haircut includes everything that a bath / clean up does, plus the entire body trimming. The trim is completely designed towards how the client would like it to look. Our haircuts have a starting price of $80 for the small breeds and $100 for the mediums and larger breeds. The amount of labor determines the final cost not the breed of the dog. Nails are trimmed and hand buffed and can be requested as a la carte service for $30.


We can add teeth brushing to any bath or haircut. The cost is $9.

Cat Grooming

We offer lion grooming for cats. We also offer brushing for the long coated breeds. We do not offer baths for the feline set. They told us that they would equal it to waterboarding...

De-matting / De-shed

Our pets have a different kind of hair than ours, as it is more like wool. It has a seasonal cycle that is dependent on weather and the number of daylight hours available. With the change of seasons pets lose their "old coat" and create new ones.

When shedding season is on, owners definitely do need professional help. What most owners don't know is when the animal sheds the coat will matt if wetted. It needs to be brushed out first.

Our team has been trained by Jarbas to de-matt with no pain and little loss of hair, after all Jarbas was an Afghan hound breeder in his early years. But it is a procedure that takes time, so it is important to disclose the condition of the pet when making the appointment so the proper amount of time can be booked. Needless to say extra time means extra charges.

A pet that comes in matted and the owner requests de-matting demands extra time. Our hourly rate for cording, hand stripping and dematting is $100 an hour. Dematting without pain takes skill and time. Only by paying a specialist, clients can be assured of the respect for their pets.