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Our Team

The team at The Dog from Ipanema is in fine tune with the vision of the founder:
"A humane facility to provide hair care for pets with a focus on comfort for the visiting guests."

Our team has some members that have been accompanying us for many years. Al and Jackie have been with us for almost twenty years! Other members have been accompanying us for a shorter time period. Annette and Kathy have been with us for about ten years, and KDee six years. Even though they haven’t been with us for as long as Al and Jackie, it seems like they have always been here with us.

Without great bathers and preparers there are NO great haircuts!

Jarbas Godoy

Jarbas Godoy

As founder of the company has contributed for the many changes that the industry of dog grooming has seen in the last few decades. Jarbas opened his first salon in Brazil in 1976. It was located in a fine boutique area in Salvador, Bahia. That was where Jarbas started to experiment with the way services were provided to pets.

The way pets were treated back then was not to his liking. Since then, for the last 29 years at the current salon, Jarbas has been able to provide services for dogs and cats in a compassionate environment. He has fine-tuned some of the most incredible professionals he could find to his mantra of fair, humane and loving treatment of the little ones that bring so much needed love and peace for so many of us.

He mostly supervises and maintains the team to keep them focused in delivering the best possible care. They nurture the pets in a state of the art environment with all brand new equipment designed with your pet's comfort and safety in mind. He is constantly introducing new tools and techniques for the constant evolution and education of the "Team Ipanema".

Kathy Jefferies

Kathy Jeffries is a graduate from the Merrifield Academy. She has been a professional groomer for over thirty years and is the proud mother of a son, Albert, and two dogs.

She joined us in 2002 and is a very important part of our team. She washes, dries and cuts hair in our salon. She lives with her parents and son and has Bonsai as a hobby, being a member of the Miami Bonsai Society (with her father) for the last two years.

Karin Miller

Karin Miller

Karin worked with our company in the 1990's as a receptionist and started her own company boarding pets in her own home. She now has rejoined The Dog from Ipanema as our Sunday receptionist. She owns Lady and Oscar, two adopted dogs. Oscar was a client and Lady came to us from the streets. She was born in New York, has lived in Italy and loves South Florida like most of the transplants.

Annette Quick

Annette Quick

Annette is a master of her craft. Jarbas was so happy when she offered to work at The Dog From Ipanema. Her presence in the salon is credited by our founder as a vital influence in the quality of the work that we produce. After all, she was named "The American Groomer of the Year" in 1999. She had a great career as a competition groomer winning gold medals all around the world. She has also worked as a judge in as faraway places as China, Spain and other locations.

Al Soares

Al Soares

Al Soares has been with The Dog from Ipanema since 1992. He has developed a very strong relation with the company that his friend Jarbas founded. Al is responsible for the supervision of all the preparation work that goes on with all Ipanema clients before they reach their stylists. All the washing, conditioning, blow drying is orchestrated by Al which for many years has been right hand of Jarbas.

Hector Torres

Hector Torres

A newer member of The Dog from Ipanema family, Hector has been with us since 2011. He is happy to be working with dogs and gaining new experiences. He has demonstrated great dedication to the pets under our care. He is also developing into a great all around groomer who has a lot of pride in his work.

Victor Vegas

Victor worked with The Dog From Ipanema some years ago. He then went to Puerto Rico where he pursued dog grooming. He came back to the company as a groomer in 2009, and we are happy to have him back! He feels that he learned the most about dog grooming on his own, but working at the salon here is "like a University," where he continues to learn more every day.

Kdee Veger

Kdee Veger

Kdee is the receptionist at The Dog from Ipanema. She has been working here since July 2005, and says that there is not anything better than to watch our clients leave with a wagging tail and a smile on their owner's faces.

She has always loved animals, and has been working with them for years now, from reptiles to fish and birds to small animals, and now dogs and cats. Animals have been, and still are, a big part of her life. She has three "kids" herself: a cat, "Kat", American Bulldog mix, "Kali, and "Sharky", a small Terrier" and of course she is "Aunty Kdee" to all her little friends that visit her when they come in for their day at the spa at The Dog from Ipanema. Nowadays she is very busy with her first human child, Robert.

Jackie Wosar

Jackie was born in Havanna, Cuba and moved to the USA with her parents at age three. She has a daughter, Ashley, who is already 24 years old. Jackie's mother was also a pet groomer and Jackie started to help her mother's as a brusher and bather at a very young age.

She joined the Ipanema team back in 1992, which makes her the second oldest member of our team with many years in the house.

She is married to Worner Wosar, a local contractor. Jackie also loves to breed birds and to grow orchids. As most of our professional Team members, Jackie is an accomplished all around groomer and Jarbas loves the work that she does with the dropped coat breeds such as the Shih-tsu, Maltese, Havanese and Lhasa-Apso.

She has also worked as a demonstrator for Purina-Ralston at local pet shows.

Patricia Moka

From Columbia and pursuing an education in America, she is the sweetest addition to the team. She is also a Groomer assistant and great with our clients. She has been with us since 2013

Angel Castillo

He is another member from the support team. He is a proud father and a great learner.

Alexander Ramos

Jarbas loves his multitasking personality. He also is a member of the support team. He moved from Cuba in 2012 with his wife and 2 daughters.

Cheryl Ferraza

Cheryl is our main receptionist, previously having worked at our local college as a secretary. Her people and organizational skills are invaluable to us.